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what size bag can you carry on spirit airlines for free?

Booking a flight in the spirit airlines gives you the opportunity to travel in the most luxurious flights with extremely comfortable sitting arrangement and the top class dine services. So once you find the appropriate flight for yourself then you will have to go through the various policies of this airline such as the check-in policy, food policy or the baggage policy.
And just in case you do not check for these things at that time then it could lead to problem in the near future. If you are a person who spends a lot of time in flying then you need to choose the flights with good dine services. The baggage policy of the spirit airlines is explained in the following points:-
  • There is limitation for the dimension of the bag that you can carry as well as for the number of bags that you can carry.
  • Like if you travel by this airline then you are allowed to carry the personal item such as purse, small bag or the bag pack for free but their dimension should not exceed 16*14*12 inches and that too including the handles and the wheels.
  • And the carry on bags must not exceed the dimension of the 22*18*10 including the handles and the wheels.
  • If you carry more than that then you are charged per bag in dollars so you should avoid carrying the extra luggage to save the money.
If you feel any trouble while travelling by this airline then you can simply dial the spirit airlines reservation phone number to know the easy ways to tackle the issue with the help of the experts.

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