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JetBlue Airways: What is the best way to get an Even More Space seat without paying for it?

Even more space without paying it!!!
Now JetBlue airways is providing more comfortable journey with larger and wider and even more spacious seats that is all  without any pay. Sound interesting isn’t it? JetBlue is providing additional room to straight out and relax. Extra More Space seats are available on all our fleets. More Space seats will let you to enjoy up to 38" of legroom. At the same time you will get additional benefit of early boarding and hence early access of overhead bins.
Now you must be thinking how to get an Even More Space seat without paying for it. Don’t be fret. Just follow the following method-
·    Before boarding visit the counter and enquire about the availability of space seats on the flight and confirm at the same time where it is located.
·    As The Even More Space seats are in rows 2-5, 10 and 11.
·    Don’t be in hurry to board, once other passenger board then only you board.
·    While boarding if you find those seats vacant, you can go and seat on them.
While preceding the same if you need any customer support help just call JetBlue airways reservation number. They will facilitate you to provide relevant information to get more space easily.  JetBlue airlines offer the passengers one free personal item and one free carry-on baggage. In case it cost you then also don’t worry because JetBlue all Even More Space charges are refundable in situation like operational disruption or cannot seat you in an Even More Space seat on your re accommodated flight.